On Sight
  • CLIENT: Capriol Films | ONSIGHT supports new feature film 'Draw on Sweet Night' from shoot to post
  • CLIENT: Passion Planet | Award-winning 'Earth A New Wild' premieres in the UK as 'Man And The Wild', posted at ONSIGHT
  • CLIENT: Various | Now available for rental - ONSIGHT selected early on to test the 4K Varicam 35
  • CLIENT: Various, incl. BBC Earth - 'Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D' | ONSIGHT presents at GSCA's 2015 Film Expo & Filmmaker Symposium in mid March
  • CLIENT: Various | Renowned colourist Max Horton joins ONSIGHT at its relocated post facility
  • CLIENT: Colossus Productions | ONSIGHT provides shoot to post services on its 7th Attenborough project, 'Conquest of the Skies' in 3D & 2D
  • CLIENT: Oxford Scientific Films | ITV documentary 'The Queen's Garden' uses cameras & post from ONSIGHT

A creative approach to cameras & post

ONSIGHT is a pioneering facilities company, providing production and post production services for film and television. We provide everything from the latest in cameras and equipment rental to full post production, all supported by our creative and technical people.


With over 25 years' experience, our award-winning team is particularly renowned for work in HD, 3D and 4K. Ultimately, we help design, execute and deliver stunning content for any screen.


Call us on 020 7637 0888 to see how we can support your next project.