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ONSIGHT OS 3D Plugin Download

ONSIGHT, production facilities from shoot to screen.

As 3D pioneers, we created an easy to use tool for 3D creative editing, known as OS 3D.


Using Final Cut Pro, this plugin was designed to simplify the process of preparing and editing with 3D files.

Here's why we did it. Our post production facilities manage a large amount of S3D rushes and have tried a number of approaches in dealing and managing files in a user friendly manner. OS 3D provides users with a intuitive way of working in 3D, be it with discrete left and right eye files or side by side, it allows you to make stereoscopic corrections and decisions during the editorial process. This plugin has been made available to not only help our Lab team, but you as well. It's simple.


We've been offering OS 3D as a free download, including a comprehensive manual, since November 2011.


The response has been extremely positive with downloads and usage taking place all over the world. We're incredibly pleased to have helped educate users in S3D and assisted filmmakers in achieving smooth results.


Now that we're well into 2013, OS 3D is no longer downloadable or available.


Thanks to those of you who have tried and tested ONSIGHT OS 3D and good luck to a number of you, continuing to use it. Feedback can be provided via OS_3D@onsight.co.uk.

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