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News Archive for September 2006

Ghosts in the machine Date: 22nd September, 2006

Nick Broomfield is leading the way for a new generation of film-makers turning to high-definition shooting.


Over the years, Nick Broomfield has perfected his own, individual filmmaking technique. His documentary portraits – from rock singer Courtney Love to white supremacist South African Eugène Terre’Blanche – have been intimate portraits shot with a skeleton crew.


Which is one reason that he doesn’t like using film formats such as 35mm for his work. “A film camera dictates a lot of things. It has a huge impact on the production in terms of the number of personnel,” declares Broomfield.


“Shoots get…

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Playtime for Sony Date: 15th September, 2006

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the E3 games expo to a company like Sony.


As the electronics industry’s biggest annual showcase it’s where the next generation of cutting-edge gaming technology is unveiled to an eager audience of 60,000 industry professionals.


So there was a lot riding on the launch of its high definition PlayStation 3 games console and on the quality of the videos and trailers which Sony needed to prepare for the launch.


Says Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Arran Green: “Once you could get away with simple images to promote consoles and games but…

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