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News Archive for November 2007

A question of comic timing Date: 18th November, 2007

A British ROM COM without Hugh Grant, is that as much risk as it used to be? Well Director Col Spector didn’t think so when he shot the movie Someone Else a couple of years ago in Super 35mm.


The film is a kind of Bridget Jones for men and relies heavily for its ‘COM’ on ... timing. Not a problem at the time of the shoot or at the film transfer stage but it was

when Col went to get a DVD copy made that the full impact of the ‘mis’-timing hit him.


“We shot at 24…

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Queen Rock Montreal Date: 17th November, 2007

Eagle Rock’s – Queen Rock Montreal is a special Christmas release for the legions of Queen fans still eager for more of the Band.


The latest film scanning techniques together with new HD consumer DVD formats brought the possibility of resurrecting the band at the peak of their powers with the best re-mastering methods currently available.


The original 35mm film was scanned at 4k in the US at DTS who used the latest technology to enhance the quality and sharpness of picture. The 4k files were then returned to the UK where they were re-edited and graded to…

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