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News Archive for September 2010

Samsung and National Geographic Channel 3D commercial Date: 7th September, 2010

cineo82 3D projectors from projectiondesign® have just been used by ONSIGHT in the final grading of the National Geographic Channel (NGC) and Samsung 3D commercial for Anglo Filming.

This was achieved inside the world-class 3D SGO Mistika Suite at ONSIGHT in Soho, London. Another set of cineo82 3D projectors are also to be found at ONSIGHT's new 3D Centre located at Shepperton Studios, UK.

The projectors, distributed through RGB communications, were supplied, installed and aligned in early 2010 by post production specialists, Kaurus® who also provided the projection screens and custom filter systems for the multi-standard 3D…

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1 Beyond: Mini DDR & Super Wrangler complement ONSIGHT's 3D hire fleet Date: 7th September, 2010

ONSIGHT's Camera Rental team are hiring 1 Beyond products to complement a range of 3D camera hire packages, such as the Arri Alexa, Red One and SI-2K.

The 1 Beyond Mini DDR is designed to work in conjunction with SI-2K cameras. This compact unit is capable of recording both 2D and 3D in RAW or interleaved formats. It has a very bright screen with touch-screen interface and a separate HDSDI monitoring output. Recording is to 256GB removable SSD magazines, giving up to 2 hours of recording time.

The 1 Beyond Super Wrangler is a rugged multi-purpose platform primarily used for location…

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ONSIGHT's RED cameras get Mysterium-X sensor upgrades Date: 7th September, 2010

A major upgrade for the RED One camera, the new Mysterium-X sensor offers improved resolution and superior dynamic range when compared to the original sensor.


The highly acclaimed CMOS sensor offers a much lower noise floor with a corresponding improvement in high contrast and low light scenes. Axis Films are upgrading their entire fleet of Red cameras.


A preview of the Mysterium X reel can be downloaded at http://red.cachefly.net/M-X-REEL.mov


"I have had a chance to visit ONSIGHT and spend significant time with their staff. I've seen their level of professionalism and skill with the RED ONE…

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Element Technica Neutron 3D Rig available to hire from ONSIGHT Date: 7th September, 2010

Element Technica have applied their knowledge and innovation gained with the larger Quasar rig to the miniature Neutron 3D rig.

Robustly constructed and capable of Over/Through and Under/Through as well as Side-by-Side configurations, the rig is ideally suited to lightweight operations.

Fitted with SI-2K or Cunima cameras the all-up weight can be as low as 8Kg. Despite its small size is has full wireless control of IO and Convergence and is capable of a maximum IO distance of 88mm.

For more details on either the Neutron or Quasar 3D rigs visit www.elementtechnica.com or call one of the…

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