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Movie fame beckons for the 3D kings of the south Date: 3rd February, 2011

The drama, romance and in-fighting in the world of king penguins is being brought to life in 3D.


Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Penguin Island 3D is set on the island of South Georgia. It will be made by the team behind the new documentary Flying Monsters 3D, which debuted on Christmas Day.


Penguin Island 3D will be shown on Sky and released in cinemas and giant-screen theatres around the world. It will offer intimate access to the lives of the birds as they endure the tribulations of life on the edge of Antarctica. Filming penguins in 3D…

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AC/DC Live at River Plate Date: 3rd February, 2011

Serpent Productions have just completed work on the eagerly awaited live DVD from AC/DC’s sell-out shows at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires.


We have a long history with Serpent Productions so when director David Mallet decided to shoot the live show in Argentina using multiple RED cameras, ONSIGHT was the natural choice to turn to.


After workflow planning for the three day 20 camera shoot, it was up to ONSIGHT to make sure everything went smoothly. The Camera Rental team took care of all HD cameras (including 15 REDs) as well as the production equipment. Axis…

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ONSIGHT adds another Mistika Date: 2nd February, 2011

London-based ONSIGHT has purchased another Mistika 2D and stereo-3D postproduction tool from SGO.


With 64TB SAN, both of its Mistika systems have been upgraded to 4K playback. The new kit will allow ONSIGHT to edit, conform, restore images, composite and grade for 2D and 3D. The firm’s recent credits include Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough.

The article above was published by Broadcast Magazine in February 2010.

ONSIGHT's original Mistika purchase proved to be a world first, read more here

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