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News Archive for May 2011

3D Programme Wins UK Documentary BAFTA Date: 31st May, 2011

Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough has become first stereo 3D programme ever to win a UK BAFTA award. 

Sir David Attenborough's venture into the prehistoric era brings a magnificent view of an unobserved world, back to life on 3D television and the giant IMAX screen.

Due to the enormous scale of the project, two SGO Mistika systems were networked together on Hewlett Packard Z800 workstations in order to improve efficiency where the online workload could be shared in real-time.  VFX & Stereo 3D Artists, Andy Lee…

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Capturing the Royal Wedding on ALEXA in 3D Date: 17th May, 2011

ONSIGHT chosen by Sky to help capture the Royal Wedding in 3D: Facilities company ONSIGHT supplied filming equipment and technical crew to assist BSkyB in capturing the Royal wedding in 3D.


In specially selected locations, ONSIGHT installed camera rigs to capture one of the most significant events ever witnessed on the capital's streets for future generations to experience.


Due to the historical significance of this event the decision was made to record all the images at the highest possible quality, ensuring the footage can be used as a valuable archive in years to come. ONSIGHT supplied camera kit…

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