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News Archive for May 2012

A Picture of London Date: 25th May, 2012

With the upcoming Jubilee celebrations and London 2012 fast approaching, what better time than now to feature a documentary on the capital’s colourful history and some of its key figures. A Picture of London is for the BBC (HD), examining the inspiration the streets and structures have brought to artists through both their beauty and grime.


ONSIGHT’s Camera Rental department supplied an ARRI ALEXA and Alura zoom lenses for last year’s shoot, filmed on location in London and featuring landmarks such as the River Thames and The Shard.  This took place just before the recognised growth and popularity of…

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Kingdom of Plants is ready to bloom Date: 24th May, 2012

Produced by Atlantic Productions for Sky 3D, Kingdom of Plants 3D With David Attenborough starts this Saturday, presented by the multi-award winning natural history broadcaster.


The ambitious project reveals the secret world of plants at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, over the course of a year. Shot by DoP Tim Cragg and directed by Martin Williams, the programme showcases plants’ amazing ability to adapt and survive throughout the changing seasons, in different and sometimes harsh environments.


ONSIGHT’s camera rental facilities supplied a wide range of equipment, including 3Ality Technica rigs and both ARRI ALEXA and RED Epic…

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Look out for Dark Shadows Date: 9th May, 2012

Based on the cult TV series, Dark Shadows comes to the big screen this week on 11 May. ONSIGHT is excited about the release, especially having supported the VFX department.


Our camera team, conveniently located at Shepperton Studios, provided essential equipment and services for CGI, which included filming Johnny Depp and other leading cast.


Shot at Pinewood Studios, the production team built an extensive set to create the unique vision we have to come to expect from Director Tim Burton.


Situated in 1972 America, this comedy fantasy sees the return of Barnabus Collins, having been transformed into…

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